Naughty Student Stays After Class

“This class is ridiculously boring.” I thought to myself as I attempted to make myself stay awake in Professor Conga’s class. I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. Something about linear equations and x and y axes. I had no idea what any of that meant. I never been a great math student. Instead I became fixated on the low cut shirt that she was wearing. The top button looked as though it may pop open at any moment. I thought how amazing her big tits would look bouncing back and forth as she gave me a blow job. I tried to sneak out my phone to check my social media feeds and mostly to distract my mind from the intense hard on that I was getting thinking about getting a blow job after class by the hottest professor that I had ever had. Before I could click on…

A hard dick for a beautiful coed

        It was summer break, and I went back home to California to visit some old high school friends of mine when I ran into Anabel . We used to date in high school. I thought that she wouldn’t remember me, but she spotted me instantly and talked to me as if she never forgot me. She invited me to a pool party the next afternoon at her house. I got to the pool party early to be able to catch up with Anabel  before the crowd arrived. When I got there she was already in the pool. She saw me and swam toward the pool steps. As she stepped out of the pool she was dripping wet and her nipples were hard. She walked toward me getting really close. She pushed her hips against mine making sure that I could feel her pussy touching my cock through our clothes….