A hard dick for a beautiful coed

80        It was summer break, and I went back home to California to visit some old high school friends of mine when I ran into Anabel . We used to date in high school. I thought that she wouldn’t remember me, but she spotted me instantly and talked to me as if she never forgot me. She invited me to a pool party the next afternoon at her house.
I got to the pool party early to be able to catch up with Anabel  before the crowd arrived. When I got there she was already in the pool. She saw me and swam toward the pool steps. As she stepped out of the pool she was dripping wet and her nipples were hard. She walked toward me getting really close. She pushed her hips against mine making sure that I could feel her pussy touching my cock through our clothes. She leaned closer sliding her hand into my swim trunks. “I missed you Jake.”, she whispered as she stroked my penis. I wanted to fuck her so badly I couldn’t stand it.
She took her hand out of my swim trunks and whispered, “Follow me.” She led the way to her bedroom where she took off her bikini and top still soaked from being in the pool. She slid my swim trunks down and got on her knees. She stroked my penis again putting it in her mouth. I groaned when she sucked it trying hard not to explode. She stopped after a few minutes and crawled onto her bed. I couldn’t wait any longer. I climbed on top of her and spread her legs crawling between them. “Fuck me Jake.”, she whispered. I pushed my dick into her pussy, and she screamed with pleasure. I felt her climax and she held onto me screaming my name. I went harder until she climaxed again. She screamed my name again as I filled her up with cum.

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