Finally Achieving Orgasm

Cindy had had sex several times in her life, but she had never experience the dramatic orgasms that everyone brags about. Sex feels amazing, but she longed for more pleasure. She watched girls on sex video sites. They looked as if they were being transported because the orgasms were so fantastic. She wondered what she had been missing to not be able to achieve this.

The next day when Cindy went to work she had a conversation with her best friend because who else do you talk to about this kind of stuff with? Her best friend told her that the only way that she would be able to tell a guy how she liked to be touched was to first experiment with herself. She told Cindy to touch herself to see what felt good to her. Cindy was hesitant about this idea, but then she thought, “I’ll be at home with all of the doors locked and blinds closed. Who will know but me?” After work the following day she decided to take her friend’s advice.

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