Naughty Student Stays After Class

“This class is ridiculously boring.” I thought to myself as I attempted to make myself stay awake in Professor Conga’s class. I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. Something about linear equations and x and y axes. I had no idea what any of that meant. I never been a great math student. Instead I became fixated on the low cut shirt that she was wearing. The top button looked as though it may pop open at any moment. I thought how amazing her big tits would look bouncing back and forth as she gave me a blow job. I tried to sneak out my phone to check my social media feeds and mostly to distract my mind from the intense hard on that I was getting thinking about getting a blow job after class by the hottest professor that I had ever had. Before I could click on the app Professor Conga caught me with my phone out. One of the many disadvantages of sitting in the second row of class is that the teacher can see everything that you do even when you don’t want them to. “Please give me your phone Mr. James. You can have it back after class.” she said. I awkwardly stood and handed her the phone. The mental images of those perfect lips giving me a blow job still played like xnxx in my mind. As I sat back down the lesson continued about how to plot points on a line graph. I was still only half way listening. Class ended about an hour later. After all of the other students had filed out of class I stood by Professor Conga’s desk. “May I have my phone back?”, I asked as politely as I could still wanting so badly for the top button on her shirt to pop open. She walked across the room. I watched, confused but intrigued. “You can have your phone back, but I have something else for you first. “Ok.”, I said still very confused. She walked back over to the side of her desk that I was standing at unbuttoning the buttons of her shirt. She reached for my hand placing on her enormous perky breast. My dick instantly got hard again. She unbuttoned my pants as I continues to message her tits.
Lowering herself to her knees she pulled my pants down to the floor. “Oh man.”, I whispered closing my eyes to enjoy this moment. She stroked my dick sending chills up my spine. She put my dick in her mouth and sucked away giving me the most amazing blow job I had ever had. When I was about to cum she leaned back and stroked my dick again. It only took a moment for those amazing tits to be completely covered. Now when I look at her I can’t stop thinking about that day after class and the best blow job ever.

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